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Our Work


Dusty Feet Mob have done numerous workshops in a number of settings. We offer dance workshops for many schools and often bring the whole school together to dance to ‘We are Australian’ – very special for all involved. We can also include cultural awareness components to our workshops and other topics on request.

Our famous whole school dance with the Dusty Feet Mob. 4 years on and we still nail it.

Posted by Stirling North Primary School on Monday, 2 July 2018


Dusty Feet Mob have performed all over the country. A significant opportunity was to perform Took the Children Away live with Archie Roach on a number of occasions. We offer an inclusive rendition of ‘We are Australian’ (Yabu Band – WA) and have performed this at various events and in schools. It is quite special after workshops to see a whole school up dancing with the Dusty Feet Mob, to see some of this footage please check out our Dusty Feet Mob Facebook page.

Current Dusty Feet Mob performances include:

  1. My Island Home- Christine ANU- 4:12mins
  2. Bayini- Gurrumul & Delta Goodrem- 3:03mins
  3. Took the Children Away- Archie Roach- 5:24mins
  4. Amazing Grace- Gurrumul & Paul Kelly- 4:07mins
  5. We are Australian- Yabu Band- 3:26mins

Notes: Songs 1 & 2 are about care of country. 3 & 4 ‘Took the Children Away’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ speaks for themselves. Song 5 ‘We are Australian’ is the inclusive dance that we perform and then encourage others up to participate in learning the dance with Dusty Feet Mob. Language is an important part of our culture as is shared with some of the songs.

Generally speaking a trip away to other communities for example: Adelaide is not cost effective for DFM for one performance so where possible we try and arrange other performances while down there. If it’s not possible to have other performances booked to make it cost effective we may have to add the cost of fuel, accommodation and food to the fee.

When contacting Dusty Feet Mob our preference is for you to use our emails or the contact form on this website so that we access daily and can then check with our calendar regarding availability. Please include your preferred contact details, and a rough outline of your requirements including how long and which dances you prefer.