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About Us

Dusty Feet Mob are an Aboriginal dance group from Port Augusta, South Australia aged between six and thirty-one years. Dusty Feet Mob are more than just a dance group...


Dusty Feet Mob have done numerous workshops in a number of settings. We offer dance workshops for many schools and often bring the whole school together to...


Dusty Feet Mob have performed all over the country. A significant opportunity was to perform Took the Children Away live with Archie Roach on a number of occasions...


“For the members of Dusty Feet Mob, dance is as much about education as it is about entertainment. Through their incredible ability for storytelling, the Dusty Feet Mob is able to bridge gaps, education the ignorant and fostering empathy and acceptance of different journeys… Dusty Feet Mob is a dynamic and flexible ensemble, who is continuously reimagining its performances to best meet the needs to the audience and space…”

Mark Waters, State Manager, Reconciliation SA

“I have had the privilege of performing alongside the Dusty Feet Mob dancers on a number of occasions… I was immensely moved by their interpretation of my song “Took The Children Away”. This song is my own personal and painful story and to see it interpreted so meaningfully by the young Dusty Feet Mob dancers not only affected me emotionally but it also gave me a sense of home that my story, and the stores of the Stolen Generations, would be carried on by the current generation and learnt from in a way that promotes healing.”

Archie Roach, Singer Songwriter

“For us [having the Dusty Feet Mob Perform] was a time of acknowledging our common heart. A heart to empower young people to find their place and purpose; a heart to understand our past; a heart for a better tomorrow.”

Fusion Australia

“[Dusty Feet Mob performances] have included Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country and meaningful cultural representation through dance (connectedness and historical events). Such dances have been extremely powerful and set the scene for all involved.”

Sonya Gee-Davis, Early Childhood Leader, DECD

“As a Stolen generation person, I would like to thank [Dusty Feet Mob] for your presentation of Took the Children Away accompanied by “Uncle” Archie Roach which was presented to all at the 2016 Apology Breakfast here in Adelaide. I and all of us Stolen Generation brothers and sisters were deeply moved by the presentation. I and my family and at the table I was on were quite and unashamedly moved to tears. I still shed a tear whenever I have been lucky enough to see the performances since them and am still tearful seeing it particularly when the child is taken from her mother, it may be raw but it tells the true story of what happened to many of us… I find that watching the performance for me, and I suspect for others, helps me move forward… Thank you all.”

Geoff Cooper, Stolen Generation Member (Taken 1960-Reunited 1975)

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